Baby Shiloh

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times— I LOVE in-home newborn sessions! I love to see a family bond in the comfort of their home. I love seeing how a mama decides to decorate her baby’s nursery. I love when there are siblings or family pets involved that are excited about the new arrival. Being apart of a newborn session never gets old!

Baby Shiloh was three weeks old when I did his session. His parents raved about how calm of a baby he was, and that was definitely the truth!! He didn’t make so much as a coo the whole shoot and he was super comfortable and calm the whole time— not to mention he is stinkin’ cute! I loved capturing his sweet presence and I was even lucky to do it again at a family session the other day. He is precious!!

I always encourage my clients to take the time to do whatever they need to do to make their little ones comfortable. It is never a hassle to take a breast feeding break or a cuddle break! We would rather have a happy, content baby than a baby that is wanting his needs met. I try to keep these sessions laid back and as relaxed as possible! It always gets the best captures and the baby is happier!