Kepner Boys

These two boys have my heart from the 2 hours I spent with them. Seriously. They are the sweetest little red-headed guys, and their mom is equally as amazing. This shoot was to die for, and I’m so thankful I get to share about it!!

When Chloe told me she wanted an in-home session of her and her boys, I was absolutely stoked! Newborn lifestyle sessions are some of my absolute favorites to shoot. To add on top of that, Chloe’s house is as pretty as can be and these brothers love each other. It was the most pleasant experience. After Chloe and I got to chatting, we realized we have a lot more in common than we realized! From people we know, to places we’ve lived and friends we shared, I realized it’s such a small world! I love connecting with clients and becoming friends. It’s one of my favorite things about this job. My husband always jokes with me about the long list of friends I make, but I genuinely love connecting with others and creating relationships.

Here are some absolute favorites from this shoot. It definitely wasn’t hard to find beauty in this session when Chloe keeps a gorgeous house! I need tips… So Chloe, if you’re reading this. Give me ALL the tips!! You’re a superwoman.


Stone's Birth

I don’t think I can hold back my excitement about my endeavors with birth photography! I have been dreaming of doing birth photography for a long time, and I finally made it happen. There was so much doubt I had surrounding this new adventure, but I felt so strongly it was what I needed to do next for my little business.

Sydnee reached out to me when I had seen on a post that she was in need of a birth photographer, and I commented as quickly as I possibly could letting her know that I’d be willing to do it for free! I really didn’t care if she called me at 2 AM.. I wanted to be there. This sweet couple had been praying for a baby for years, and it meant everything that I was able to be apart of this experience. Little guy came as quick as he could, and Syd was amazing! She was so calm and collected. I was a wreck while I was giving birth, so I could not wrap my head around how great she did!! With one push, Baby Stone was out and absolutely perfect.

I fell in love with birth photography. My husband said he hadn’t seen me this excited over my work in a long time! It’s totally different than couples photography, but it brings a feeling that I’ll never forget. You seriously can feel their fresh new spirits as soon as they are out! It simply reminds me of how precious life is. It makes me want to squeeze Vivienne a little tighter, and to appreciate motherhood that much more! We are amazing as women, and our bodies are truly incredible! If you ever get invited to see someone else give birth, I highly recommend you take them up on the offer. You’ll leave the experience feeling blessed that we get to be apart of this thing called life.

Also, I feel like there’s nothing more beautiful than B&W birth photos.