About me:

Hi, I’m Lexie Price! I am a mother, wife, and photographer. I love shopping at Target & HomeGoods, trying all the new restaurants in town, thrifting, binge watching the Kardashians, working out at 6 AM, and of course— being there for the most incredible moments of people’s lives, dressed in the comfiest outfits, with my Canon and 35 mm in hand! I have a passion for birth photography and capturing the beauty of motherhood in all of its’ different phases. I have been doing photography for 3 years, and I’ve found my niche in labor and delivery photography. It has been the best experience to be apart of so many incredible moments and to witness several births. Most would say this is the most inconvenient career for a mom with a young baby, but it has brought me a greater passion for motherhood and the ability women have to carry and raise incredible human beings. I love what I do!!